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Troll alert

Thank you, so much, for your opinion on my blog slmayhem.....however.....opinions are like assholes...everyone has one & no one gives a shit about yours....
I blog for the fuck of it...my own amusement....if you don't like what I blog, kindly go elsewhere....somehow, I do not feel it is the content you are concerned about....but trolling the blogger, instead.
Keep the nasty coming...it will never make it for public consumption.....
*caresses the DELETE button*
He got exactly what he deserved.....and for that matter, she got exactly what she deserved too.

Jun. 15th, 2015

He was there...and we were having a conversation...joking & laughing....he was helping me shop for a dress....and it was like it used to be...and then when we saw the others, we went back to not talking again...pretending we hated each other...so they wouldn't know we were friends again...our secret
I was happy...but then I had to wake up....I had to wake up....
My heart is heavy.
I deleted a lot of pictures from Flickr today. I had originally made them private...in hopes that I could make them public again some day....but after yesterday, I came to a few realizations.....what was, is no more & there is no hope. I am closing this chapter in my life.
Moving forward with the clean up
Emotionally drained. Going to close my eyes now
I tried....and that's all I could do.

Apr. 28th, 2015

It's like poop...and I'm moving away from it...cause I think I've got enough on my shoe already

Apr. 24th, 2015

I still defend him & I don't know why.
Well, yeah, maybe I do. It's because I genuinely gave a shit about him & our friendship & I can't just turn shit off like some people.
It's called loyalty....and even tho I have severed all ties....it still remains.
There was once an argument because I compared him to one of my ex's & yet again he has gone and done something that proves he is no better. Childish, petty and stupid.
It disappoints me because I thought he was much better than this.
He knew me very well, so in the end, he knew exactly what to do to hurt me the most and he did it without batting an eyelash.

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